When our forefathers reached North America, they had to learn to harvest the available wild game, including the whitetail deer. The Native Americans used urine and glands from game to create attractants and bring the deer in. They shared these sacred formulas with our ancestors and it helped them survive through severe winters and other difficult conditions. They worked extremely well and they were able to attract game for winter food.

We recreated this historic type of deer scent using all synthetic formulations. It will work all season long and bring deer to your hunting area. We put it in a classic-looking amber bottle with a convenient spray top. Use in the same manner as real scents by putting on wicks, drags or using in mock scrapes.

4 oz bottle.

  • Based on original Native American Deer Scents
  • Synthetic Deer Urine and Glands
  • Cannot Spread CWD
  • Extremely Effective All Season Long
  • Classic Amber Spray Bottle

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Lucky 7 Heritage Buck Lure

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