About Lucky 7 Scents

At Lucky 7 Scents , we were tired of the terrible quality scents that were on the market. Being an engineer and chemist, I took it upon myself to develop high quality, extremely effective scents that people would have great success with.

First, I looked at many of the top name brand synthetic scents on the market. As I had guessed, many of them only resembled urine in the most basic sense. They had a few of the chemicals present in urine, but by no means were they complete or had any chance of actually working. They were mainly water, urea, salt and coloring. AND THAT WAS THE ESTRUS DOE FORMULA! No wonder hunters had no luck with these scents. While they wouldn't likely scare deer, they certainly would not attract them.

I examined all of the data I could find on animal urine and pheromones. I did additional research on my own, looking to see exactly what chemicals deer were responding to. Finally, I created stable, non-degrading chemical formulas that would completely and effectively fool deer. At that point, they went through extensive field testing to ensure we had it just right and incorporated the final changes needed to make them into the finest scents you could ever buy.

It has taken years and a lot of effort, but I was able to create the world's best synthetic deer hunting scents. Our products, and certainly our rut products, have absolutely no equal in the marketplace. Rest assured, you will be very happy with the quality and effectiveness of all the Lucky 7 products from Nelson Creek Outdoors.